In 1987 Glenn Danzig’s new band was born. Known as a charismatic frontman of Samhain and Misfits, he formed a group that become the incarnation of heavy metal, blues, and Elvis all rolled into one. Danzig’s arrival brought about a revolution to music scene. Even more so, because his debut record, entitled “Danzig,” was the very first one released with a Def American sticker, right from Rick Rubin’s studio. We’ll have an opportunity to hear it out in its entirety, at an exclusive show that will be one of two exceptional appearances of Danzig in Europe in 2023! Hell yeah!

American heavy metal band formed in 1987 by Glenn Danzig. The show at Mystic Festival 2023 will be their first concert in Poland since 2002. As part of their performance in Danzig (German: Danzig), Danzig will perform their debut album Danzig in its entirety.

Prior to the formation of Danzig, vocalist Glenn, along with bassist Jerry Only, formed The Misfits, a punk rock band that is considered a precursor to horror punk, a style that draws inspiration from classic horror films. Glenn Danzig parted ways with the group in 1983 and rejoined after 33 years – in 2016.

After leaving The Misfits, Glenn Danzig formed Samhain. This musical project was a kind of transition from punk rock to a new, dark, bluesy sound that would find its final outlet just a few years later, its echoes most perfectly echoed in Danzig’s debut album.

Danzig’s first album showed the enormous potential that lies in the combination of Glenn’s distinctive vocals and catchy riffs. Powerful, dynamic yet melodic and wonderfully sung songs such as ‘Mother’, ‘Am I Demon’ and ‘Twist of Cain’ are memorable and have gained cult status over the years.

The second album, “Danzig II – Lucifuge” (1990), continued the hitmaking known from the first recordings. Released two years later, ‘Danzig III: How the Gods Kill’ was a major success – the album reached number 24 on the Billboard chart, among others. In 1993, Danzig released the mini-album ‘Thrall: Demonsweatlive’, followed by the album ‘Danzig 4’ the following year. These were the last collaborative recordings of the first line-up.

Between 1995 and 2020, Danzig released eight albums and a number of smaller releases, oscillating around satanic themes familiar throughout their work. Glenn has also paid tribute to Elvis Presley – his latest album ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ is a collection of covers of the legendary singer and the leader’s great inspiration.


Danzig, 1988
Danzig II: Lucifuge, 1990
Danzig III: How the Gods Kill, 1992
Danzig 4, 1994
5 Blackacidevil, 1996
6:66 Satan’s Child, 1999
I Luciferi, 2002
Circle of Snakes, 2004
Deth Red Sabaoth, 2010
Skeletons, 2015
Black Laden Crown, 2017
Danzig Sings Elvis, 2020


Thrall-Demonsweatlive, 1993
Sacrifice, 1996


Mother, 1988
Her Black Wings, 1990
Killer Wolf, 1990
Dirty Black Summer, 1992
Mother ’93, 1993
Until You Call on the Dark, 1994
Cantspeak, 1995
I Don’t Mind the Pain, 1995
7th House, 1996
Sacrifice, 1996
Unspeakable, 1999
On a Wicked Night, 2010
Ju Ju Bone, 2011
Devil’s Angels, 2015
Last Ride, 2017
Danzig Sings Elvis: Always on My Mind, 2020


Demo, 1987



Live albums:



The Lost Tracks of Danzig, 2017

The biggest metal festival in Poland!




7-10.06.2023, GDANSK SHIPYARD