Defleshed is a Swedish death/thrash metal band. The group was formed by guitarist Lars Löfven, formerly of Convulsion and Inanimate. He was joined by ex-Crematorium bassist Gustaf Jorde shortly after recording a demo. In 1995 drummer Matte Modin joined the band. They have released several albums on high-profile metal labels. In November 2005, it was announced that Defleshed had officially split-up. The band also had a side project named Vargavinter.

In January 2021, Defleshed announced they had reformed and they were working on new material. In July 2022, the band announced they had signed with Metal Blade Records and released their new album, “Grind Over Matter”, on October 28, which is the band’s first album in 17 years.


Abrah Kadavrah, 1996
Under the Blade, 1997
Fast Forward, 1999
Royal Straight Flesh, 2002
Reclaim the Beat, 2005
Grind Over Matter, 2022


Ma Belle Scalpelle, 1994


Obsculum Obscenum, 1993
Fleshless and Wild, 2021


Defleshed, 1992
Abrah Kadavrah, 1992
Body Art, 1993

Live albums:

Death… The High Cost of Living, 2000