‘One of metal’s most skilled and uncompromising bands’, claims ‘Kerrang!’. ‘Modern metal’s most relevant act’, echoes ‘Forbes’. ‘It’s metal for the masses, and Gojira’s crowning achievement’ – that’s how ‘Metal Hammer’ praised their album ‘Fortitude’. These are not just empty words, as everyone around agrees that Gojira’s sound is the future of music. And we all know that this sound is perfection. They became known to wide audiences through their tours with Metallica or Grammy nominations. But this does not mean that Gojira is ready to compromise, or that they compose popular radio songs. Their music remains monumental and heavy, overwhelming us with a profound artistic vision, and carrying a message about the world that we can still try to save from extinction.

Gojira was formed in Ondres (France) in 1996 by the Duplantier brothers – Joseph and Mario – and Christian Andreu. The band operated under the name Godzilla until 2001 and released four death metal demos: ‘Victim’ (1996), ‘Possessed’ (1997), ‘Saturate’ (1999), and ‘Wisdom Comes’ (1999).

From their debut (‘Terra Incognita’ 2001), to their most recent releases (the single ‘Our Time Is Now’, 2022), Gojira has followed a path in which they defy genre classification. The band’s work focuses on themes related to life, death, spirituality, but also ecology. The members have repeatedly engaged in activism related to nature and humanity’s destructive impact on the climate, human and animal rights. The fruits of these activities included the band’s expression of support for Sea Shepherd – a non-profit organisation working to protect nature and the marine environment – and its founder, Paul Watson. The activist appeared on stage between two Gojira songs at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany in June 2012.

Released in 2021, the song ‘Amazonia’ and its video are a protest against the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Behind the words, music and video also came action – the band set up a month-long fundraiser for the Brazilian indigenous rights charity, Articulation of Indigenous People of Brazil (APIB). The campaign quadrupled its initial goal of $75,000, with the final total reaching more than $300,000 thanks to memorabilia sales from bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Tool and Lamb of God, as well as Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.


Terra Incognita, 2001
The Link, 2003
From Mars to Sirius, 2005
The Way of All Flesh, 2008
L’enfant sauvage, 2012
Magma, 2016
Fortitude, 2021


End of Time, 2012


Indians, 2003
Of Blood and Salt, 2011
L’Enfant sauvage, 2012
Explosia, 2012
Born in Winter, 2012
Another World, 2020
Born for One Thing, 2021
Our Time Is Now, 2022


This Calling, 2006
Gojira / Kvelertak – Live, 2013
2014 Tour Sampler, 2014

Live albums:

Maciste all Inferno, 2003
The Link Alive, 2004
Les enfants sauvages, 2014

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