For years Meshuggah has been crafting their own, private music universe. A lot of bands aspired to follow in their footsteps, but failed. To put it simply: there is no other band that offers music as technically advanced and as perfect sound-wise as they do. And when you’d think they finally reached their limits, this spring they surprised us with their new album “Immutable,” pushing their music to yet a new level.

Swedish music band was formed by vocalist and guitarist Jens Kidman in 1987 in Umea. As of 2017, it had released eight studio albums, two live albums and a number of mini-albums and compilations, all of which have received positive reviews from fans and music critics alike. His work has dealt with issues of the future, existentialism, apocalypse and chaos.

He has toured all over the world and participated in Ozzfest in the United States, among other events. Starting with the album ‘Nothing’, all subsequent albums have been recorded on the Billboard 200 sales chart, and the band has twice been nominated for the Swedish recording industry Grammis. The members are revered for their virtuosity, compositional complexity and contributions to heavy metal music. Rolling Stone magazine described Meshuggah as ‘one of the ten most important metal bands’.

The band has inspired other artists and groups, such as Mike Portnoy, Tool, Gym Class Heroes and Porcupine Tree. Recognition of the band was publicly expressed by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.


Contradictions Collapse, 1991
Destroy Erase Improve, 1995
Chaosphere, 1998
Nothing, 2002
Catch Thirtythree, 2005
obZen, 2008
Koloss, 2012
The Violent Sleep of Reason, 2016
Immutable, 2022


Meshuggah, 1989
None, 1994
Selfcaged, 1995
I, 2004
Pitch Black, 2013


Bleed, 2008
I Am Colossus, 2012


Ejaculation of Salvation, 1989
Promo Tape, 1991
Promo 1993, 1993


Roswell 47’ – Future Breed Machine, 1996

Live albums:



Rare Trax, 2001
The Singles Collection, 2009