California death metal band characterized by their extremely aggressive and hard-groove sound.

Necrotted from southern Germany are the bearer of hope for modern death metal! Founded in 2008, the band from Abtsgmünd (Baden-Wuerttemberg) continues to revitalize the scene and steadily win over a growing fan base, as well as the music press. The band’s history includes not only three full-length albums, “Anchors Apart” (2012), “Utopia 2.0” (2014) and “Worldwide Warfare” (2017), as well as two EPs, “Kingdom Of Hades” (2010) and “Die For Something Worthwhile” (2019), but also hundreds of live concerts in various countries, during which Necrotted has already unleashed its pure energy on various stages.


Anchors Apart, 2012
Utopia 2.0, 2014
Worldwide Warfare, 2017
Operation: Mental Castration, 2021


Kingdom of Hades, 2010
Die For Something Worthwhile, 2019