The band has been a mainstay of the Swedish death metal scene since the 1990, with many albums showcasing a core style of their genre that has remained largely unchanged but always strong.

The band was formed in 1989 in Kungsängen on the initiative of Johnny Hedlund, shortly after he parted ways with the music group Nihilist. One of the musicians who supported him directly in founding the band is guitarist Robert Sennebäck (at the time, the further fate of the band Dismember was in question). Hedlund still invited guitarist Fredrik Lindgren and drummer Anders Schultz to join him. By 2008, the group had recorded nine studio albums that were positively reviewed by music critics. It gave a number of concerts around the world and participated in numerous festivals: Wacken Open Air, Unholy Fest, Metalmania, Party San or Neurotic Deathfest.


Where No Life Dwells, 1991
Shadows in the Deep, 1992
Across the Open Sea, 1993
Victory, 1995
Warrior, 1997
Hell’s Unleashed, 2002
Sworn Allegiance, 2004
Midvinterblot, 2006
Hammer Battalion, 2008
As Yggdrasil Trembles, 2010
Odalheim, 2012
Dawn of the Nine, 2015
The Hunt for White Christ, 2018
No Sign of Life, 2021


And the Laughter Has Died, 1991
The Haunt for White Christ, 2018


Where Is Your God Now?, 2015


The Utter Dark, 1990
…Revenge, 1990
Century Media Promo Tape, 1990


In the Eyes of Death, 1991

Live albums:

Revange Tour’91, 1991
Live In Vienna ’93, 1993
Eastern Blood – Hail To Poland, 1996


Viking Raids (1991-2004 Best of Unleashed), 2008