Tickets for Mystic Festival 2022 are now on sale!

Exactly in One Week: Mystic Festival Day Three


All that is good must come to an end. Yet, before we hit the road back home, there’s still one evening to headbang to Mercyful Fate, Killing Joke, Vader, Igorr, Sólstafir and many other great bands. And next year, we’ll be back to the Mystic sabbath…
On Saturday, the Sabbath Stage will be managed by Iron Realm Productions – which means the stage will become a space of haunting rituals. Hexvessel will lure us into the depth of the forest and initiate their transformative rituals. Lindy-Fay Hella, the female element of Wardruna, will perform her solo material. She’ll sing of the cold, Nordic legends. Next, we’ll see Grift who’ll pierce us with his black metal venom and cuddle us to melancholic sleep. Finally, post-metal Rosk from Warszawa will cover the stage in ritualistic darkness.
The Desert Stage will welcome nomads from the city by the Błędowska Desert: Taraban, who merge blues and hard rock with psychedelic elements. Red Scalp’s music has similar roots, but they add Indian rituals and cosmic visions to the mix. Norwegian Arabrot will push it even further, merging noise rock and gothic, post-punk and metal. The Vintage Caravan will close the line-up with psychedelic hard rock, which in the breakthrough of the 1960s and 1970s turned them into international stars.
Saturday at the Shrine Stage will be cloaked in ultimate darkness. We guarantee you won’t forget what the extreme priests of Imperial Triumpahnt will serve you. Then you’ll feel the metal whip of Medico Peste and Wiegedood. Truchło Strzygi and Beast will take you on a sentimental journey – with the former, you’ll visit black/trash mazes, with the latter, you’ll explore the might of Scandinavian deathmetal scene.
Planet Hell will open the Park Stage at 3.15 pm. It will be the first show on that day – and immediately, we’ll be ejected into space with their death metal rocket. “When I Die, Will I Get Better?” – asks the British Svalbard on their last record. We do not yet know the answer this question, but what do know is that the encounter with their post-metal / post-hardcore sound will not make you feel better. Witchcraft will hypnotize you with their trans hard rock with doom roots, Sólstafir will enchant you with their Nordic magic and for the final: horsemen of the apocalypse in the shape of Killing Joke.
The Materia will set the Main Stage alight. They are heavy, but their music is technically perfect, seeking and modern. Igorr means complete madness, as they carry out their experimental merger of completely contrastive genres. Vader and their record “De Profundis” needs no introduction in Poland – both are death metal legends of all times. With Mercyful Fate you won’t break the oath. They will fuse the stage with their spells, without which there would be no black or death metal. We’re proud to have been able to invite such a legend to Mystic Festival.
No, it’s not the end. Don’t go just yet. Join us at the Desert Stage, where the collective of Neon Haze and Octopussy, Favorit89 and Nightrun87 will begin the afterparty. Party hard! These will be the last moments of this year’s festival. You’ll have to wait a bit for the next round. But we cannot wait to tell you what we’re preparing for you for Mystic Festival 2023.

The new dates of the festival are 2-4 June (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). The festival will take place in the Gdańsk shipyard.


On June 1st, we’ll organize Warm Up Day with special concerts and many other attractions. The numer of tickets for Warm Up Day will be strictly limited. More details on the event and the line-up will be published soon.


Ticket holders for Mystic Festival 2020 and 2021 will be entitled to take part in Warm Up Day without any additional fees. All your tickets remain valid and they become 4-day tickets, which do not need to be updated. This concerns also the holders of the upgraded 1-day tickets. 


A strictly limited number of 4-day tickets (with access to Warm Up Day) will be available at special price of 479 PLN untill 23rd December 2021 or until the ticket pool is sold out.

1-day tickets may be upgraded to 4-day tickets for special price of 200 PLN untill 23rd December or until the ticket pool is sold out.


Everyone who keeps their tickets from 2020 or 2021 (this also concerns those who upgraded their 1-day tickets) apart from access to Warm Up Day will receive a special, limited CD with recordings of Mystic Festival artists. This CD will never be available in general purchase.


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