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OPEN AIR 2-4.06.2021

Gdańsk Shipyard


Gojira joins the festival lineup


A French band that catapulted metal to the next level in the 21st century: the gargantuan Gojira joins the lineup of the 2020 Mystic Festival. The group will perform in Krakow on Thursday, June 11, on day two of the festival.

Just when it seemed that metal was losing steam, the brothers Duplantier—singer and guitarist Joe with drummer Mario, backed by Christian Andreu on guitar and Jean-Michel Labadie on bass—proved that this genre has no boundaries. Combining elements that had never been mixed before, Gojira achieved an original amalgam of death metal, groove metal and prog metal. The result is crafted with such boldness and performed with such emotion that if Gojira didn’t launch a new trend, it’s only because no other band could keep up with them. They’re a category all unto themselves, as evinced by such outstanding albums as The Way of All Flesh, L’Enfant Sauvage and Magma, as well as their famously riveting live performances. We’re happy to announce that their next visit to Poland—the only one in 2020—will take them to the 2020 Mystic Festival.

We’re proud to announce that the first edition of the reborn Mystic Festival is in the running for the prestigious European Festival Award, and in no fewer than two categories: Best Medium-Sized Festival and Best New Festival. Now it’s all up to the judges as well as our festival’s friends and attendees, who have the chance to support us in the online poll. It’s all in your hands!

If you had fun during those two sweltering days in June, if you appreciate the idea and vibe of the Mystic Festival, and if you see the need for a festival of this type to grow in size in Poland, be sure to vote for us! Thank you for your support.

Vote here:

If you want to jog your memory before you vote, or if you’re still not sure if we deserve your vote, check out this short recap of the June 2019 edition of our musical celebration:

The poll closes November 30, with a shortlist of final nominees announced December 10. The European Festival Award ceremony will be held in mid-January 2020.

The 2020 Mystic Festival will take place June 10 and 11 at the Polish Aviation Museum and will feature an open-air format for the first time ever. Be sure to visit our website and follow us on social media. More announcements are coming up soon.

DAY ONE (JUNE 10, 2020):

Judas Priest

Mercyful Fate



Obituary performs Slowly We Rot

Infected Rain

DAY TWO (JUNE 11, 2020):




Beast in Black

Vader performs De Profundis

Two-day passes will be available at varying prices throughout the following dates:

Blind Bird: 419 zł, available until September 18 or while supplies last

Early Bird: 459 zł, available until December 16 or while supplies last

Regular Sale: 479 zł, available until May 15 or while supplies last

Last Minute Sale: 499 zł, available until June 9

One-day tickets:

259 zł: During Early Bird sales (until December 16 or while supplies last)

279 zł: During Regular Sales (until May 15 or while supplies last)

299 zł: During Last Minute Sales (until December 9)

319 zł: During the festival

The MYSTIC FESTIVAL is organized by Mystic Coalition, a group of companies with significant experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.


Judas Priest (UK)
Nightwish (Finland)

Mercyful Fate (Denmark)

Gojira (France)

Accept (Germany)

Heilung (Denmark/Germany/Norway)

Mgła (Poland)

Obituary (US)

Vader (Poland)

Beast In Black (Finland)

Infected Rain (Moldova)

Date: June 10 (Wednesday) and 11 (Thursday), 2020

Location: Polish Aviation Museum @ Krakow, al Jana Pawła II 39.

Tickets: 459 PLN (Two-day Early Bird Pass), 259 (One-day Early Bird Ticket)

Early Bird tickets and passes to the 2020 Mystic Festival are available at (collector’s tickets)

Produced by:

Knock Out Productions

Mystic Production


Festival organizer

Mystic Coalition