Let’s bathe in blood! Changes in the program of Mystic Festival 2023

Death metal monsters Bloodbath will replace Exodus on June 8, because Americans canceled their entire European tour. Also joining the festival’s program are Eyes, In Twilight’s Embrace, Entropia, R.I.P. and Khrognar, among others, replacing bands from Ukraine who are unable to leave the country.

Exodus was forced to cancel its entire European tour for family reasons, so we won’t see them at Mystic Festival this year either. The war with Russia has kept Ukrainian bands – 1914, Hell:ON and Season Of Melancholy – in the country. For reasons beyond the promoter’s control Spirit Adrift and Sanity Control will also not appear at the festival.

For all – we hope temporarily – absentees, we tried to find worthy replacements. We would like to thank you for your patience and inform you today about all the changes in the program:

On July 7, Sanity Control will be replaced on the Desert Stage by R.I.P., the thrash project of Witold Argasinski (Gambit), whom you know very well from Truchło Strzygi. On the same stage, instead of 1914, you’ll see Entropia, who have returned with their album “Total,” featuring music that perfectly matches the title. The day on the Sabbath Stage will begin with Khrognar.

On July 8, we will not see Exodus on the Park Stage. Instead, get ready for a killer death metal punch – Bloodbath joins the bill! This year, fans of the Swedish death metal sound will have a real treat at Mystic Festival….

On July 9, Hell:ON’s place on the Park Stage will be taken over by In Twilight’s Embrace, who know no mercy after “Law” and “Lifeblood”. Spirit Adrift won’t make it to the Desert Stage, but the gents from Copenhagen’s Eyes are coming – and will smash it to splinters with their brutal, metalized hardcore.