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Mystic Festival 2020 - see you in 2021!


Dear Friends,

We were prepared to overcome all sorts of adversities — putting on a metal festival is always an uphill battle, after all — but this is one scenario we couldn’t have predicted. The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus took the whole world by surprise. Our borders are closed, transportation has been shut down, and the concert industry ground to a halt overnight. We’re hearing daily reports of prolonged restrictions on public gatherings in neighboring countries, and the Polish government is also sending clear signals: for the next few weeks, there’s no going back to the way things were before the pandemic.


We’re staying optimistic and we believe that the grimmest forecasts won’t come to pass, but we’re now certain that it won’t be possible to hold our festival in June, as previously scheduled. We’re not surrendering just yet, though: we’re working hard to find a new date and format that’ll let us meet at Mystic Festival at a later date and enjoy the music without any obstacles. This is a highly complicated process, but everyone — the artists, the agents, and our partners — wants to make it happen.

We know you understand and appreciate the situation. We’ve been reading your words of support, and we’re grateful for each message, but we need to ask you for just a bit more patience. Over the upcoming weeks we’ll draft the details of a new proposal that will include three options:

* rolling your tickets and passes over to a new date;
* exchanging your tickets and passes for vouchers that you can redeem for other concerts organized by us;
* alternatively, if you can’t or don’t want to choose one of the two above options, we will reimburse your tickets or passes.


In the meantime, please look after yourselves and your loved ones so that we can all meet at the Mystic Festival in full force. After weeks of forced social distancing and silence, our gathering in front of the stage and the music blasting from the speakers will bring us more joy than ever before.


See you there!


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