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Mystic Festival 2021: All Faces of Metal – Almost 50 New Bands!


As promised, today we reveal nearly fifty new bands that join the line-up of Mystic Festival 2021 – ranging from rock’n’roll to black metal.


Mystic Festival 2021 will take place on the first days of June next year in Gdańsk, in the post-industrial area of the shipyard. It will not be cancelled even if the current safety regulations will still have to be in place. So, we’re proud to present you artists, who will perform at the festival next year.


Today, the line-up of the festival is joined by black metal legend Mayhem, French visionary freak Igorr, progmetal Baroness covered in Southern American swamp mud, the futuristic riders of Code Orange, The Hu bringing us the anthems of Asian steppe, a dungeon troll Mortiis, and Kvelertak, who has reminded Norwegians that metal music is rock’n’roll’s bastard progeny. We’ll also celebrate the return of Blindead and The Stubs!


Our three day concert marathon will feature all genres of metal: thrash, death, stoner, grind, black, groove, doom as well as dark electronic, hardcore and neofolk. But instead of listing the genres, we need to unveil the names of the bands. True hell over the Baltic sea will be brought to you by: (0), 1914, Alien Weaponry, Azarath, Baest, Czerń, Dead Lord, Deluge, Dopelord, Dwaal, Fleshworld, Gold, Grift, Hangman’s Chair, Irfan, Konvent, Lindy-Fay Hella, Maggot Heart, Major Kong, The Materia, Medico Peste, Motanka, Neon Haze (Octopussy / Favorit89 / Nightrun87), Okkultokrati, Only Sons, Ovo, The Picturebooks, Proscription, Raging Speedhorn, Red Scalp, Rosk, Spaceslug, Stay Nowhere, Taraban, Tester Gier, Truchło Strzygi, Twin Temple and The Vintage Caravan.


This isn’t all! In November, we’ll share with you the rest of the Mystic Festival program. Soon, we’ll also reveal the details of the thematic stages and the line-ups for individual days. We’re grateful for your patience!


The current line-up of Mystic Festival 2021 is available on our website and social media. Follow us and you won’t miss any new announcements. And put these dates in your calendars: 2nd-4th June 2021!

Mystic Festival 2021 passes are available at the following prices:
Round 3: 479 PLN — until May 11, 2021, or while limited supplies last
Round 4: 499 PLN — while limited supplies last
Round 5: 519 PLN — while supplies last

All two-day passes purchased for the 2020 festival remain valid and give access to all three days of the 2021 festival.  We encourage you hold onto them, especially since there will be no cheaper tickets (Blind Bird or Early Bird) this year.  By not returning your tickets, you’re helping support, in these difficult times, both the organizers and the artists, members of an industry that is among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. We really appreciate your help.

The MYSTIC FESTIVAL is organized by Mystic Coalition, a group of companies with significant experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.

Artists performing at Mystic Festival 2021:

Judas Priest - 50th anniversary show
Mercyful Fate
Killing Joke
The Hu
Vader "De Profundis"
Oranssi Pazuzu
The Stubs
Code Orange
Alien Weaponry
Infected Rain 
The Picturebooks
The Vintage Caravan
Lindy-Fay Hella
The Materia
Twin Temple
Raging Speedhorn
Dead Lord
Maggot Heart
Hangman’s Chair
Medico Peste
Truchło Strzygi
Neon Haze (Octopussy / Favorit89 / Nightrun87)
Tester Gier
Major Kong
Red Scalp
Stay Nowhere
Only Sons

When: June 2–4 (Wednesday–Friday), 2021
Where: Gdańsk @ Gdańsk Shipyard

Round 3: 479 PLN — until May 11, 2021, or while limited supplies last
Round 4: 499 PLN — while limited supplies last
Round 5: 519 PLN — while supplies last

Three-day passes for Mystic Festival 2021 are on sale at: (collector tickets)
and ticket retailers, and

One-day tickets for Mystic Festival 2021 will go on sale once more artists have been announced.

You can now upgrade your 2020 one-day ticket to a 2021 three-day pass for just 200 PLN by visiting (collector tickets) or ticket retailers, and

Mystic Festival is brought to you by:

Knock Out Productions

Mystic Production



Festival organizer

Mystic Coalition