Tickets for Mystic Festival 2022 are now on sale!

Mystic Festival 2022: food stands, vendors and NGOs



At the festival you don't live by music alone (we can't believe we just wrote that). You need to eat and drink something, stock up on t-shirts or records that are not available in your local store, you can also support ideas and activities that need our help. Below you will find a list of food and drink stands, music-related shops, and NGOs that are waiting for you at Mystic Festival 2022.


CDs, T-shirts, books and other music-related gadgets will be offered to you by: Mystic Production,, Arcana Ignis, Altercore, In Rock, Fantasy/jne/ Bajery, 2nd Chance Vinyl, Ledo Takas, Mythrone Promotion and Mad Lion Records.

Activists from the Arbuz Association will tell you how they help migrants and refugees arriving in Tricity, and they’re doing this also through culture and art. Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages) will talk about their efforts to improve the fate of farm animals, and the Kozi Azyl (Cat Asylum) Foundation will tell you how they help abandoned pets. 


What for the body? The regulars of the Gdańsk Shipyard are well acquainted with the W4 Food Squat culinary hub, whose offer will satisfy the needs of the biggest gourmets and thirsty drinkers. You will find the following food trucks there: Łąka, Panczo, Carmnik, NieMięsny, Alga and Ogniem i Piecem. In addition, at the Main Stage you will find: Dirty Sandwicz, Carmnik, Langosze, Zapiekanki, Pizza, Frytki Belgijskie i Kawa. At the Park Stage you will find: Kuchnia Dla Odważnych, Dos Amigos, Dim Sum, Stripesy z Kurczaka, Chinkali, Baozi and Kawa.


You won't have to search for stands with beer and other beverages - they'll be in abundance all over the festival area. You'll get your liquids in mugs so beautiful that, although they're returnable, you might want to keep them as souvenirs - and of course, feel free to do so. Cheers!

The new dates of the festival are 2-4 June (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). The festival will take place in the Gdańsk shipyard.


On June 1st, we’ll organize Warm Up Day with special concerts and many other attractions. The numer of tickets for Warm Up Day will be strictly limited. More details on the event and the line-up will be published soon.


Ticket holders for Mystic Festival 2020 and 2021 will be entitled to take part in Warm Up Day without any additional fees. All your tickets remain valid and they become 4-day tickets, which do not need to be updated. This concerns also the holders of the upgraded 1-day tickets. 


A strictly limited number of 4-day tickets (with access to Warm Up Day) will be available at special price of 479 PLN untill 23rd December 2021 or until the ticket pool is sold out.

1-day tickets may be upgraded to 4-day tickets for special price of 200 PLN untill 23rd December or until the ticket pool is sold out.


Everyone who keeps their tickets from 2020 or 2021 (this also concerns those who upgraded their 1-day tickets) apart from access to Warm Up Day will receive a special, limited CD with recordings of Mystic Festival artists. This CD will never be available in general purchase.


Mystic Festival is brought to you by:


Mystic Coalition

Knock Out Productions

Mystic Production



Festival organizer

Mystic Coalition