Tickets for Mystic Festival 2022 are now on sale!

Mystic Festival 2022: Thank you and see you again!



We did it. Mystic Festival came back stronger and more diverse than ever before. We would like to thank the artists, all teams involved in organizing it, the supporting media and, most of all, the fans who joined us at the Gdansk Shipyard.


Now is not the time to complain about what a difficult time we had. Organizing the same festival three times, cancelling it twice, convincing artists to stay with us and moving to the other end of Poland - the challenges we faced could discourage many. But we didn't give up, because the fans didn't give up. They believed in the festival, stayed with us, kept the tickets so that we could organize this festival to the best of our abilities.


Behind us are four days filled with music, meetings, conversations, films, laughter, singing, feasts... In a word: good fun. From June 1st to June 4th, 2022, dozens of bands from all over the world presented themselves at the Shipyard, from debuting artists to true legends, with Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Opeth at the forefront. They were applauded by about 10 thousand people a day.  


The Shipyard turned out to be a hospitable, picturesque and full of surprises place, which was appreciated both by the local audience, as well as guests coming from far away. So today we can already invite you to Mystic Festival 2023 - according to your wishes it will take place in June, in Gdansk, at the Shipyard.


Smiles on the faces of both artists and fans are the best reviews, but we will also share with you some other opinions that make us believe it is worth it:


After difficult years of musical fasting, Mystic Festival returns more powerful than ever. It's a cliché, but I can't put it better, because the strength of this event is the vision and courage of the organizers. (...) A dear friend of mine came to Mystic Festival with his teenage son, a young apprentice of heavy sound, to show him the vibe and I don't think he could have chosen better. See you next year.
- Noise Magazine


Thousands of fans of heavy sounds passed between the five stages every day. For four days they could not only listen to all kinds of their favourite music, but also - thanks to the refined setting and integration-friendly logistics - feel like part of a big metal family.
- Gazeta Wyborcza


I felt like a kid enthralled by metal for the first time, and it was a strange feeling, because it was completely unknown to me: as a teenager, I listened to completely different things. 
- Hałasy i Melodie


Musically and organizationally masterful! Socially great! I met many friends, some of them after several years of separation. I also met a lot of people and all these chats were so much fun that I wish the festival could last a few more weeks. 
- Maria Konopnicka

Festival organizer

Mystic Coalition