Mystic Festival 2023: Thirty one more reasons to come to Gdańsk

2023 has begun and the festival is approaching, so it’s time to speed things up. We’re delighted to announce more bands that will perform in the Gdańsk Shipyard – bands that will crush you and overwhelm you, but also move you and enchant you. We’re firing things up on June 7th. Don’t be late!

From bone-shattering and soul-burning riffs of the one and only Electric Wizard, through progressive metalcore of Spiritbox, all the way to eccentric noise rock of Helms Alee – you know well that at Mystic Festial you will hear all types of extreme sound.

Finnish Lost Society entwines their tributes to thrash classics with metalcore innovations. Imminence does a very similar thing, although they heed less to the old school, and drift more towards groove. Vended, after their successful tour with Slipknot, are bent on breaking out on their own – and you can see that in their music. White Hills will take you flying high with their psychedelic music, and with Spirit Adrift you soar even higher with their unique take on heavy metal. Ukrainian band 1914 will tell you their grizzly stories of the trenches of WWI, which show that, sadly, history often repeats itself.

You like experiments? Otto Van Schirach invites you to a diabolic techno party, Author & Punisher is ready up to fire up his head-grinding machinery, Five The Hierophant will drag you through the dungeons whose walls are paved with sounds too extreme for fans of jazz and too messed up for fans of black metal or doom metal. Doodseskader are hardly classifiably as a band – they knock your teeth out with their mix of sludge, hardcore, post-metal and rap.

Djevel means “devil” in Norwegian. So you know what to expect – the band will bring black metal blaze straight from Oslo. The gates of hell will also have other doormen at the festival – Au-Dessus. While Tuskar will burn their amplifiers with their sludge/doom sound.

Polish scene will be represented by a wide spectrum of bands, from melodic punk rock through stoner and thrash, to death/grind: Sunnata, Drown My Day, Hostia, Dom Zły, Krzta, Izzy And The Black Trees, The Dog, Sanity Control, CF 98, Gorycz, Mag and Moonstone. We also welcome Stengah, Hell:On as well as Exorcizphobia to Mystic Festival line-up.

We remind that the festival’s line-up already includes Ghost, Danzig, Gojira, Meshuggah, Behemoth, The Hellacopters, Testament, Watain, Moonspell, Perturbator, Exodus, Dismember, Voivod, Alcest, Sleep Token, Unleashed, Carpathian Forest, Grave, Soen, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (with a Motörhead set), Godflesh, Primitive Man, Earthless, Lucifer, Greg Puciato, Wolfheart, Lord Of The Lost, Defleshed, Nothing More, Horskh, Heriot, Sylvaine, Employed To Serve, Planet Of Zeus, Antimatter, Darkher, Molybaron, Bombus, Ne Obliviscaris, LLNN, Pupil Slicer, Birds In Row, Witchmaster, Undeath, Necrotted, Akhlys, Lili Refrain, Bury Tomorrow, Orbit Culture, Mord’A’Stigmata, Kanonenfieber, Nyrst, Black Mirrors and Pure Bedlam.

Mystic Festival 2023 will take place 7th -10th June in Gdańsk, at the Shipyard.

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MYSTIC FESTIVAL is organized by Mystic Coalition, an alliance of companies with rich experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.

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