Mystic Festival 2023: Thrash, black, folk and… psychobilly

We’re adding four new names to the Mystic Festival 2023 line-up: Dark Angel, legend of merciless thrash metal, Mad Sin with their classic psychobilly act, as well as Misotheist, and Moriah Woods.

Dark Angel were so very close to having their name added to the Big Four of Thrash Metal – they had it all: wrath, energy, talent, as well as technical skills. With their records “Darkness Descends” and “Leave Scars” they aspired to become the champions of extreme music back in the day, competing with Slayer and Possessed. It did not work out, but today, wherever they play, Dark Angel are paid proper tribute. We have no doubts that their first visit in Poland will be unforgettable.

In 2020, after 10 years of break, Mad Sin released a new album “Ubreakable” – and you cannot think of a more fitting title for this Berlin band’s music. You cannot break them. Also, you cannot mistake them for anybody else, with their distinct take on psychobilly, drawing on punk, country, and hard rock.

Two other additions to the festival line-up will delight fans of Norwegian black metal and dark, bittersweet ballads – the former will rejoice to see Misotheist, and the latter to see Moriah Woods.

We remind that the festival’s line-up already includes more than ninety bands, including: Ghost, Danzig, Gojira, Meshuggah, Behemoth, Electric Wizard, The Hellacopters, Testament, Watain, Moonspell, Perturbator, Exodus, Dismember, Voivod, Alcest, Sleep Token, Unleashed, Carpathian Forest, Grave, Soen, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (with a Motörhead set), Godflesh, Primitive Man, Earthless, Lucifer and Greg Puciato.

Mystic Festival 2023 will take place 7th -10th June in Gdańsk, at the Shipyard.

Currently available:

  1. Four-day Early Birds pass at 639 PLN.
  2. Four-day Early Birds VIP pass at 899 PLN.
  3. Mystic Camp: overnight stay – 99 PLN.
  4. Mystic Camp: car parking – 99 PLN.
  5. Mystic Camp: camper parking – 399 PLN