Tickets for Mystic Festival 2021 are now on sale!


OPEN AIR 2-4.06.2021

Gdańsk Shipyard


Spaceflights, haunted basements, and journeys to the far ends of the earth


Devin Townsend, The Hu, Amorphis, Witchcraft, Oranssi Pazuzu, Alien Weaponry, Truchło Strzygi, Motanka and Baest join the lineup of Krakow’s Mystic Festival, representing a full range of musical extremes.

One of the most eccentric figures on the metal scene today, Devin Townsend, with his no-holds-barred live show, followed the fascinatingly exotic metal sounds of the far steppes of Mongolia, brought to you by The Hu, and the bards of melancholy from Land of a Thousand Lakes, Amorphis. The program of the upcoming Mystic Festival features metal in all its myriad forms, with each act bearing a stamp of quality and presenting its own original artistic vision.

It should come as no surprise that we’ll be joined by the band Oranssi Pazuzu and their trippy, psychedelic brand of black metal, borne of the Finnish forest and yet distinctly from outer space. Get ready to be hypnotized by Witchcraft’s dark ritual, while Alien Weaponry takes us to the southern hemisphere to fuse thrash metal with the Maori Haka. Truchło Strzygi will remind you why metal long struck fear in the hearts of your parents, neighbors and anyone who sought beauty in music. Motanka will charm you with their original blend of modern metal and Ukrainian folk music, perhaps soothing the pain of being drawn and quartered by Baest. It’s death metal: no one said it would be painless!

The 2020 Mystic Festival will take place June 10 and 11 at the Polish Aviation Museum and will feature an open-air format for the first time ever. Be sure to visit our website and follow us on social media. More announcements to come!

DAY ONE (JUNE 10, 2020):

Judas Priest
Mercyful Fate
Devin Townsend
Obituary performs Slowly We Rot
Alien Weaponry
Infected Rain

DAY TWO (JUNE 11, 2020):

The Hu
Beast in Black
Vader performs De Profundis
Oranssi Pazuzu
Black River
Truchło Strzygi
Hentai Corporation

Two-day passes will be available at varying prices throughout the following dates:

Blind Bird: 419 zł, available until September 18 or while supplies last
Early Bird: 459 zł, available until December 16 or while supplies last
Regular Sale: 479 zł, available until May 15 or while supplies last
Last Minute Sale: 499 zł, available until June 9

One-day tickets:
259 zł: During Early Bird sales (until December 16 or while supplies last)
279 zł: During Regular Sales (until May 15 or while supplies last)
299 zł: During Last Minute Sales (until December 9)
319 zł: During the festival

The MYSTIC FESTIVAL is organized by Mystic Coalition, a group of companies with significant experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.


Judas Priest (UK)

Nightwish (Finland)
Mercyful Fate (Denmark)
Gojira (France)
Devin Townsend (Canada)
Accept (Germany)
Sepultura (Brazil)
Heilung (Denmark/Germany/Norway)
Mgła (Poland)
The Hu (Mongolia)
Katatonia (Sweden)
Obituary (US)
Amorphis (Finland)
Beast In Black (Finland)
Vader (Poland)
Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)
Witchcraft (Sweden)
Hentai Corporation (Czech Republic)
Alien Weaponry (New Zealand)
Baest (Denmark)
Black River (Poland)
Motanka (Ukraine)
Truchło Strzygi (Poland)
Infected Rain (Moldova)

Date: June 10 (Wednesday) and 11 (Thursday), 2020
Location: Polish Aviation Museum @ Krakow, al Jana Pawła II 39.
Tickets: 459 PLN (Two-day Early Bird Pass), 259 (One-day Early Bird Ticket)

Early Bird tickets and passes to the 2020 Mystic Festival are available at: (collector’s tickets)

Produced by:

Knock Out Productions

Mystic Production



Festival organizer

Mystic Coalition

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