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In exchange for press and photo accreditation, we expect you to help us with the promotion of the festival. We’ll be accepting the application till May 16th (10:00). 
The confirmation of accreditation will come in form of an email up to two weeks after you submit the application. Sadly, we cannot enter into any conversation with the applicants, if the answer is negative. We also reserve the right to not provide the explanation for the rejection of application. 
Due to considerable interest and a large number of applications, we only allow two accreditations per one medium – one for the photographer and one for the journalist who will write the article. Each journalist needs to apply for accreditation separately.  
Everyone who received the media accreditation for the postponed editions of the festival (2020 and 2021), needs to resubmit the application to confirm their personal data. Their accreditations from previous years remain valid.

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