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The festival will take place between 8th and 10th of June 2023. Also, there is Warm Up Day on June, 7th.

Warm Up Day is an extra day of the festival before the event begins. On June 7th, fifteen bands will perform, including Phil Campbell and the Bastards Sons (with a Motörhead set), Godflesh, Ne Obliviscaris, Horskh, Defleshed, Witchmaster and many others. You can find the full program here: https://www.mysticfestival.pl/artists/

The festival is organized by Mystic Coalition, an alliance of companies with rich experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.


This year we have almost 90 bands performing at Mystic Festival. You can find the full line-up here: https://www.mysticfestival.pl/artists/

Mystic Festival 2023 has three headliners – one for each day: Ghost, Danzig (performing the album “Danzig”) and Gojira.

All daily line-ups and stage line-ups are all available here: https://www.mysticfestival.pl/program/

At the festival, we planned a selection of Signing Sessions. Their detailed timings will be released directly before the event. Just remember that the program of Signing Sessions may be subject to changes during the festival.

Festival Location

Mystic Festival 2023 will take place in the Gdańsk Shipyard (the Elektryków Street). Detailed instructions on how to get there can be found here: https://www.mysticfestival.pl/jak-dojechac/

At Mystic Festival 2023 there will be five stages: Main Stage, Park Stage, Shrine Stage, Desert Stage, and Sabbath Stage.


You can enter the festival area with a mattress, a half-liter bottle of water without a cap, and your own food only if you have a document confirming special dietary requirements. At Mystic Festival it is strictly forbidden to carry any sort of weapon, including collector items, as well as any dangerous objects. The complete list of forbidden items is available here:

Yes, for an additional fee, each festival participant will be able to leave their luggage and clothes at a designed area, right before the entrance to the festival. Detailed information about the location of the festival deposit area will be released closer to the festival.


Camping area

Yes, festival participants can stay at Mystic Camp – a camping area located at Plac Zebrań Ludu in Gdańsk (close to the Ofiar Katynia roundabout).

To be able access Mystic Camp, you need to have a **** 4-day pass and a Mystic Camp: accommodation ticket.

You can also park your car or your camper in the camping area. To do so, you need to buy Mystic Camp: parking for the car ticket for your car or your camper, in addition to your festival pass and your Mystic Camp: accommodation ticket.

More info about the camping area: https://www.mysticfestival.pl/pole-namiotowe/

Mystic Camp tickets can be purchased here:

It’s quite simple – just take a look at the summary we prepared for you:

If you want to use electricity in your trailer, you should buy two tickets: Mystic Camp: parking for the car as well as Mystic Camp: parking for camper. If your car leaves the parking are immediately after your trailer is parked, all you’ll need is Mystic Camp: parking for camper together with Mystic Camp: accommodation – one for each person staying in the camper. If your trailer does not need electricity, you only need to purchase Mystic Camp: parking for the car.


When you buy a parking ticket for a camper you will have access to electricity for your camper or trailer: 230 V, 2kW.

Yes, you can. In this case, all you need is the Mystic Camp: parking for the car ticket (one for each minicamper) + Mystic Camp: accommodation (one for each sleeping person).

Yes, there will be paid deposit service at the camping area. We will share more details about it closer to the festival date.


You can buy tickets at the official festival website: https://tickets.mysticfestival.pl/ as well as with the eBilet.pl provider.

Be advised that we cannot mediate in the reselling of the already purchased tickets, and we recommend that you only buy tickets from the official distribution sources.

Right now you can buy 3-Day passes and 4-Day VIP passes. You can also purchase passes for individual days of the festival and for the weekend (Friday-Saturday).

With the VIP pass you get:

– a selection of festival gadgets (eco bag, poster, bottle, mug, lanyard, and a welcome drink),

– access to VIP area by the Main Stage on 8th, 9th, and 10th June,

– access to VIP platform by the Main Stage,

– higher standard sanitary service,

– access to a bar with a wide selection of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages (extra paid)

– access to Warm UP Day on June 7th.

Gadgets can only be obtained at the festival. We do not ship them.

Every participant with a 4-Day pass, Blind Bird, Early Bird, and VIP can attend Warm Up Day.


The return of the ticket is only possible if the festival is cancelled, postponed, or if there is a considerable change in the line-up. Also, we do not exchange tickets for vouchers.

No, you do not have to be over 18 to attend the festival. The following rules apply:

Festival participants who on the day the festival begins (7
th June 2023) are not 13, may enter the festival area for free, if they are accompanied by their parent or adult guardian. Also, the following permit will need to be printed and signed: guardian’s declaration

Festival participants between 13 and 16 may attend the festival without an adult person’s supervision. They need to have on them the following permit signed by their parent or guardian: guardian’s declaration.

Festival participants between 16-17 may attend the festival without any signed permit of their parents or guardians.

We do not accept the electronic versions of the permits. They need to be printed and presented at the entrance to the festival area.



Yes, at Mystic Festival, we welcome journalists from all over the world. The accreditation process will begin closer to the festival, and will require you to complete an online form. All journalists with a confirmed accreditation will receive an email with details explaining what they need to do next.

Please, observe that we may refuse to give an accreditation without a justification.

Only accredited journalists may enter the festival area with professional photo equipment (that is, a camera with interchangeable lenses). Festival participants will be asked to leave such equipment in a paid deposit.

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