How to get to

Head to the area around Elektryków Street (80-001 Gdańsk Shipyard).
If you are going to the festival by SKM, get off at the Gdansk Shipyard station. You are only a few minutes’ walk from the festival grounds.
The PKM train connection will take you to the Gdansk Wrzeszcz station, located 3.5 km from the event site. You will additionally need to use an alternative way to get there (see: SKM, Bus, Tramway).
Are you coming to Mystic Festival by train? Get off at Gdańsk Główny station. On the way to the area you will pass the Three Crosses Square, the European Solidarity Center and cross the historic Gate No. 2 of the Gdansk Shipyard. The entire walk will take about 15 minutes.
Bus stops near the Mystic Festival area: European Solidarity Center 01, European Solidarity Center 02, Jana z Kolna 01.
Streetcar stops are located near the SKM Gdańsk Shipyard overpass: SKM Shipyard 01, SKM Shipyard 02.
Nearest airport: Lech Walesa Gdansk Airport (200 J. Slowackiego St., 80-298 Gdansk). For travel options from the airport, click here: