One of the most important bands of Polish black metal. Is Furia constantly on an upward trajectory? It sure seems so.

Hailing from Katowice, the band is fronted by the peculiar, anti-charismatic Nihil and boasts an over two-decade-long tenure. Each new record that they release generates a myriad of opinions – mostly positive though. Their black metal is enmeshed with Silesian folklore and (with time) became more and more experimental – it remains, nonetheless, a Polish staple of the genre.

Saddle up your horses and charge onto their lead with hoes in your grip!


Furia was formed in 2003 by its frontman and primary songwriter, Nihil. In a little less than a year, he was joined by Sars, Namtar, and Voldtekt, who is the only member who has since exited the band.

In the beginning, they released two demos that were met with well-deserved praise from the black metal community. The two full-length albums that followed, “Martwa polska jesień” and “Grudzień za grudniem”, further solidified the band’s place on the Polish metal scene.

Each new release sees the band, though still squarely situated within the black metal spectrum, flirt with experiences and expressions from outside of metal. The most fruitful of these explorations turned out to be the albums “Nocela” and “Księżyc milczy luty”. Both records brought Furia crowds of new fans, often coming from the alternative scene, and in 2017 and 2018 the band graced the theatre stage as the wedding band in Jan Klata’s adaptation of “Wesele”.



Studio albums:

Martwa polska jesień, 2007
Grudzień za grudniem, 2009
Marzannie, królowej polski, 2012
Nocel, 2014
Księżyc milczy luty, 2016
Huta Luna, 2023


Płoń, 2009
Huta Laura / Katowice / Królewska Huta, 2010
Halny, 2010
W melancholii, 2013
Guido, 2016
W śnialni, 2021


I spokój, 2004
I krzyk, 2005