Humanity’s Last Breath

Hold your breath… Scratch that, do whatever you want – it only takes the first few seconds of “Ashen”, these Swedes’ latest album, to suffocate under the heaviness of this sound! Progressive and modern deathcore, which impresses both with its bone-crushing sound and daring arrangements, is Humanity’s Last Breath’s speciality.


This deathcore juggernaut was formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2009 by the drummer Buster Odeholm and now former guitarist Kristoffer Nilsson, who decided to find an uncompromising way to fight the dreary and grey onslaught of the everyday misery. The band has five full-length albums under their belt, in which they try to marry progressive death metal with hardcore’s energy. Humdrums and moody ballads are to be experienced elsewhere.


Studio albums:

Humanity’s Last Breath, 2013
Abyssal, 2019
Välde, 2021
Ashen, 2023


Reanimated by Hate, 2010
Structures Collapse, 2011
Detestor, 2016


Animal, 2013
Abyssal Mouth, 2017
Bursting Bowel of Tellus, 2019
Fragda, 2019
Vånda, 2019
Earthless, 2020
Vittring, 2020
Tide, 2020
Glutton, 2021
Labyrinthian, 2023
Instill, 2023
Linger, 2023
Passage, 2023