“Dead as Shit” is the title of one of Sanguisugabogg’s biggest hits and a rather apt description of their style. It’s a heavy, dead, uncompromising shit, only for true connoisseurs of the vilest of death metal. If one has an affinity for wading knee-deep in guts, bones and bodily fluids, then one will find much joy in the company of this Chicago quartet’s 2023 album appropriately titled Homicidal Ecstasy and be more than happy to be violated by the concert. Those of more delicate dispositions are advised to abstain.


New blood on the world death metal stage, hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Since 2019, the boys managed to get a lot of recording done and cause not a small amount of trouble. Their quizzical name is allegedly a portmanteau of the horseleech and the loo – and their sound, by all means, supports that theory, with death metal, gore and perversions fighting over each other for the lead. Sanguisugabogg has put out two records so far, “Tortured Whole and Homicidal Ecstasy”, but they sound as if they were playing death metal for three decades, polishing it side by side with the pioneers of the genre.


Studio albums:

Tortured Whole, 2021
Homicidal Ecstasy, 2023


Pornographic Seizures, 2019


Menstrual Envy, 2021
Dead as Shit, 2021
Dick Filet, 2021
Gored in the Chest, 2021
Caught in a Vise, 2022
Necrosexual Deviant, 2022
Face Ripped Off, 2023