Talent is one thing, but to be at the right place at the right time doesn’t hurt either. And New York City in the 1990s was just about the counterculture centre of the world. The crucible that melted metal influences, hardcore/punk and rap, revoking the old world order. And in the middle of New Yorker (Brooklyn, to be specific), Biohazard carried the banner of this revolution. Through such landmark albums as “Urban Discipline” (1992) and “State of the World Address” (1994), the whole world became privy to the secrets of the seediest of New York streets. Their stint in the mainstream was brief, for music like that resides in the underground, but the loyal fans don’t seem to mind that at all. Especially since the band is back to its original line-up and still takes no prisoners.


As with many other doyens of American hardcore, Biohazard’s story started in Brooklyn, New York, when in 1988 Evan Seinfeld, Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel and Danny Schuler banded together. Within the same year, they produced their first demo, and a year later another one, to enter the 1990s with their self-titled debut.

Their first record quickly caused a commotion in the hardcore punk community. Besides the 40 thousand sold copies, the album got the New Yorkers something else – a record deal with the then-leading Roadrunner Records. From that point on Biohazard continued to triumph, with “Urban Discipline” and “State of the World Address” selling jointly over two million units, paving the band’s way into the mainstream. Time solidified that both records as important milestones in the evolution of rap metal, which was then taking its first baby steps, and are still considered landmark records of the 1990s guitar music.

The second half of the 1990s saw many line-up perturbations. It became harder and harder for the band to record subsequent albums, which ultimately led to their disbandment in 2005.

Nevertheless, the band reformed in 2008 and has been making and producing a lot of noise ever since, which allowed them to tour almost non-stop.

As of now, their most recent album is Reborn in Defiance from 2012.


Full albums:
Biohazard, 1990
Urban Discipline, 1992
State of the World Address, 1994
Mata leão, 1996
New World Disorder, 1999
Uncivilization, 2001
Kill or Be Killed, 2003
Means to an End, 2005
Reborn in Defiance, 2012

Five Blocks to the Subway: Tour EP 1995, 1995
Demo: Biohazard, 1988
Infection Incoming, 1989

Punishment, 1992
Judgement Night, 1993
Tales from the Hard Side, 1994
How It Is, 1994
Five Blocks to the Subway, 1994
After Forever, 1994
Authority, 1996
A Lot to Learn, 1996
Resist, 1999
Switchback, 1999
End of My Rope, 1999
New World Disorder, 1999
Kill or Be Killed, 2003
My Life, My Way, 2005
Vengeance Is Mine, 2011

Live albums:
No Holds Barred, 1997
Live in San Francisco, 2007

Tales from the B-Side, 2001