Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a steam engine when it comes to work. Throughout the years, they released many influential records, faced internal perturbations and personal struggles… But they are still here, and they remain one of the most important Asian metalcore bands. On stage, they wreak total havoc, opting for pure chaos – on albums, they incorporate progressive and nu-metal influences into their metalcore sound.


Crystal Lake, formed in 2002 in Tokyo, is the brainchild of Shinya Hori and Yudai Miyamoto. They wasted no time and across the period from 2003 to 2005, they released an EP and two split albums. In 2006, the band released their debut album “Dimension”, which caused a lot of noise in Japan, but also in many other corners of the world. This led to Crystal Lake being invited to tour with bands such as Hatebreed or I Killed the Prom Queen, then at the peak of their popularity.

The following years saw the band release more enthusiastically received albums and tour the whole world with a whole spectrum of bands, from Parkway Drive to We Came As Romans. A gut-wrenching blow came during the 2020 pandemic, when Shinya Hori left the band, making Miyamoto the only remaining band member from the original line-up. Nevertheless, the band did find someone to replace Hori. Crystal Lake’s most recent album is 2020’s The Voyages, but 2023 saw the band release two singles – “Denial // Rebirth” and “Dystopia.”


Studio albums:

Dimension, 2006
Into the Great Beyond, 2010
The Sign, 2015
True North, 2016
Helix, 2018
The Voyages, 2020


Freewill, 2003
Cubes, 2014


The Fire Inside / Overcome, 2012
Prometheus, 2015
Apollo, 2017
The Circle, 2018
Watch Me Burn, 2020
Curse, 2021
Denial // Rebirth, 2023
Dystopia, 2023


Blood of Judas, 2004 (z Extinguish the Fire, Loyal to the Grave, Gang Boy Children i We Love You Always)
3 Way Split, 2005 (z Risen i Unboy)
Crystal Lake / Cleave, 2008 (z Cleave)