Life of Agony

The band emerged from the New York hardcore music scene at the turn of the 1990s, but even then, they were forging their own path. The now cult albums “River Runs Red” and “Ugly” boast both the heaviness of metal, the directness of hardcore, and the emotiveness of grunge. The heartrendering lyrics on loneliness, alienation and rejection in Mina Caputo’s rendition are inimitable. After years-long struggles and two major hiatuses, Life of Agony returned for good in the mid-2010s for “It’s these words and music / That keeps me living, keeps me breathing…”


The band formed in 1989 in the infamous Brooklyn and from the very beginning their music has escaped categorisation and association with any concrete style or trend. Most often referred to as a crossover band, their sound is an explosive mix of hardcore, metal and even alternative rock. Their debut album “River Runs Red” from 1993 is still considered to be a quintessential record and an unsurpassed example of a sound that spans multiple genres. An album that caused quite a stir both at the hardcore and metal scene and served as a bridge for two often separated audiences. From its formation until the present day, the band has been on hiatus many times and has faced extensive line-up changes and yet it has never lost its reputation as an absolute concert marvel – a phenomenon both great and rare.


Studio albums:

River Runs Red, 1993
Ugly, 1995
Soul Searching Sun, 1997
Broken Valley, 2005
A Place Where There’s No More Pain, 2017
The Sound of Scars, 2019


Death on the BMT, 1990
Depression, 1991
The Stain Remains, 1991


This Time, 1994
Through and Through, 1994
Desire, 1997
Weeds, 1997
Love to Let You Down, 2005


Dangerous Visions, 1994 (z Sepultura, Obituary, Machine Head, Dog Eat Dog i Black Train Jack)
Roadrunner Rules Ozzfest Vol. 2, 1998 (z Soulfly i Coal Chamber)

Live albums:

Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival ‘97, 2000
River Runs Again Live 2003, 2003
20 Years Strong – River Runs Red: Live in Brussels, 2010


1989-1999, 1999
The Best of Life of Agony, 2003
Ugly / Soul Searching Sun, 2007