Returning from a seven-year-long hiatus, Textures’ concert at Mystic Festival will be one of the first opportunities to see the Dutch band in their reborn version. The fans of an ambitious and complex approach to heaviness will be more than content, for this band has always been setting the bar high. Their unrivalled style, comprising venomous metalcore, esoteric yet melodic progressive metal, as well as djent with elements of pop, is still something to behold. Will it still hold its own on the festival stage? Without a doubt.


Textures was formed in 2001, and since the Tilburg band were never interested in half measures, they immediately got to work, toiling away at intense rehearsals, and searching for their own musical language. Released in 2003, their debut album “Polars” serves as the proof of this ethos. The unusual mix of vivacious metalcore with the poise of progressive metal caught the attention of fans of both genres for the mix synthesised the best parts of both – a plethora of emotions and a tendency of favouring simple song forms that don’t lose any of their punch.

Their sophomore album released two years after “Polars”, titled “Drawing Circles”, also excited listeners, but the best was still yet to come for Textures. Their third album Silhouettes saw the band go further into the contemporary soundscapes, including the clearly evident element of djent. With this album, the Dutch band reached a new level of mastery at producing memorable songs and perfected their technical craftsmanship. The album charted in the Netherlands and its follow-up Dualism made the fans even hungrier. Unfortunately, after releasing their equally successful, yet last album “Phenotype” in 2016, Textures hung their guitars on the wall, playing a handful of farewell concerts in 2017.

However, the band has come back to the land of the living and in November 2023, they announced their return from retirement and plans to hit the stage again in 2024. You can come and see how they’re holding up at Mystic Festival.


Studio albuns:

Polars, 2004
Drawing Circles, 2006
Silhouettes, 2008
Dualism, 2011
Phenotype, 2016


Ostensibly Impregnable, 2004
Millstone, 2006
Awake, 2008
Reaching Home, 2011
New Horizons, 2015
Shaping a Single Grain of Sand, 2016