Today, Satyricon is an established and reputable band that feels at home at the Norwegian National Opera House and engages in a fascinating dialogue with Edvard Munch, the precursor of expressionism. Yesterday, they were setting the world on fire as one of the trailblazers of the Norwegian black metal revolution. In the name of Mother North, they bestowed upon us masterpieces such as “The Shadowthrone”, “Nemesis Divina” and “Rebel Extravaganza”. Both yesterday and today – Satyricon are the masters of dark art that need no introduction.


Corpse paint, fog, Norwegian fjords, and the unsparing, primal and ice-cold music – these are the immediate associations that spring to mind when one hears “Norwegian black metal”. The band was formed in 1991 and at the heart of it, from almost the very beginning, were the primary songwriter and composer Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven and the drummer Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad. Satyricon are the living legends of the Norwegian black metal, spoken about in the same breath as Mayhem and Darkthrone. Throughout its career, the band, alongside the classic black metal sound, experimented with ambient and progressive metal, boldly stirring in the genre cauldron. Despite Satyr’s serious health problems, the band continues to tour and with smaller or bigger intervals to record albums, spreading the black metal frostbitten evil in every corner of the world. Their latest project, however, sees them breaking new ground – they created the soundtrack to the exhibition of Edvard Munch’s paintings, one of the precursors of expressionism.


Studio albums:

Dark Medieval Times, 1993
The Shadowthrone, 1994
Nemesis Divina, 1996
Rebel Extravaganza, 1999
Volcano, 2002
Now, Diabolical, 2006
The Age of Nero, 2008
Satyricon, 2013
Deep Calleth upon Deep, 2017
Satyricon & Munch, 2022


Megiddo – Mother North in the Dawn of a New Age, 1997
Intermezzo II, 1999
My Skin Is Cold, 2008


All Evil, 1992
The Forest Is My Throne, 1993


The Pentagram Burns, 2006
K.I.N.G., 2006
Black Crow on a Tombstone, 2008
Deep Calleth upon Deep, 2017
To Your Brethren in the Dark, 2017


The Forest Is My Throne / Yggdrasill, 1995 (z Enslaved)
Crusade from the North, 1996 (z Darkthrone, Wongraven, Storm, Isengard i Neptune Towers)

Live albums:

Live at the Opera, 2015


The Shadowthrone / Dark Medieval Times, 1999
Ten Horns – Ten Diadems, 2002