Enter Shikari

If during the upcoming edition of the Mystic Festival, you’re on a hunt for not just metal and the broadly understood darkness but also for the eccentric and the extravagant, Enter Shikari will be the perfect fit. They are the pioneers of electronicore (to put it simply, the resultant of metalcore and electronic dance music), boasting a pronounced element of alt-rock and vehement emotionality taken straight out of post-hardcore. In their live performance, they bring anger, emotion, and maximum madness. It’s hard to come by a better mix.


Enter Shikari was formed in 1999 under the moniker Hybryd, which was changed around the time they made their second demo. After some initial style-searching and having found the right members, the band debuted three years later with the demo “Commit No Nuisance”. Throughout the next twelve months, the band released two more demos and gained a small but dedicated fanbase, and then in 2004, they launched the attack with their first EP “Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour…”. The band became one of the most promising underground phenomena and in 2005, when the Kerrang! radio presenter Alex Baker discovered them, the band started gaining more traction. Thanks to these circumstances, the band played a sold-out concert at the London Astoria.

An important milestone in Enter Shikari’s history was their first full-length album, “Take to the Skies”. The record debuted at number 151 on the UK bestselling albums chart in its first week of sales. Then and there, everything fell into place. The following albums were selling better and better and concerts in big venues weren’t an exception to the rule, but something altogether commonplace. Enter Shikari has become one of the most important representatives of metalcore in the 21st century and their latest record, “A Kiss for the Whole World” (2023), debuted at number one on British album sales charts in its first week of sales. It is their first number-one album thus far.


Studio albums:

Take to the Skies, 2007
Common Dreads, 2009
A Flash Flood of Colour, 2012
The Mindsweep, 2015
The Spark, 2017
Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible, 2020
A Kiss for the Whole World, 2023


Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour…, 2004
Quelle surprise, 2011
Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here, 2012
Rat Race, 2013
Live Slow. Die Old., 2017


Commit No Nuisance, 2002
Nodding Acquaintance, 2003
Sorry You’re Not a Winner, 2003


Mothership, 2006
Sorry, You’re Not a Winner, 2006
Acid Nation, 2007
Kicking Back On The Surface Of Your Cheek / Keep It On Ice, 2007
Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour…, 2007
Jonny Sniper / Acid Nation, 2007
Antwerpen, 2008
We Can Breathe in Space, They Just Don’t Want Us to Escape, 2008
Juggernauts, 2009
No Sleep Tonight, 2009
Thumper, 2010
Destabilise, 2010
Sssnakepit, 2011
Gandhi Mate, Gandhi, 2011
The Paddington Frisk, 2013
Radiate, 2013
Rat Race, 2013
The Last Garrison, 2014
There’s a Price On Your Head, 2015
Redshift, 2016
Hoodwinker, 2016
Supercharge, 2017
Live Outside, 2017
Rabble Rouser, 2017
The Sights, 2017
Take My Country Back, 2018
Undercover Agents, 2019
Stop the Clocks, 2019
{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }, 2020
Thē Kĭñg, 2020
T.I.N.A., 2020
The Void Stares Back, 2022
Bull, 2022
(pls) set me on fire, 2023
It Hurts, 2023
Bloodshot, 2023
Strangers, 2023

Live albums:

Live at Milton Keynes – Bootleg Series Volume 1, 2009
Live at Rock City – Bootleg Series Vol. 2, 2010
Live From Planet Earth – Bootleg Series Vol. 3, 2011
Enter Shikari Live at Deezer, 2016
Live at Alexandra Palace, 2016
Live at Alexandra Palace 2, 2019
Take to the Skies: Live in Moscow. May 2017, 2019
The Last Spark: Live at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. May 2019. Bootleg Series Vol. 11, 2020
Moratorium (Broadcasts From the Interruption), 2021
Live at Alexandra Palace 3, 2023


The Zone, 2007
Tribalism, 2010