Skálmöld is a folk metal band, but there’s more than just folk tales and Vikings in their lyrics – crucially, there’s also the pursuit of the unknown. Magnetic and catchy, the Icelandic group goes down the road less travelled. Being crafty composers and knowing the importance of a captivating chorus, they play around with arrangements and stay away from the simplest ones. What’s more, they often reach a level of intensity higher than many others playing the genre. All get aboard the longship!


This band is a testament to just how you can go with a friend on your side. The beginning of their story is in 2009, when Snæbjörn Ragnarsson and Björgvin Sigurðsson, who are thick as thieves and have played together in other bands, decided to form Skálmöld as their pet project. No commitments, no expectations, no anything.

However, after finding a full line-up, the guys changed their minds and quickly recorded their debut album, “Baldur”, released in 2010. The catchy yet uncanny Viking folk metal played by the Reykjavik band hardly flew under the radar. Just a couple of months after the album’s release, the band signed with the widely known Napalm Records.

The Northern warriors released their sophomore record, “Börn Loka”, under the Austrian label and having suffered for the lack of recognisability since – they are growing and growing every day. In 2013, the band collaborated with the nationally lauded Iceland Symphony Orchestra, which only further attests to how quickly and broadly the band has been growing.

In the subsequent years, the band has released ever more sophisticated material and has performed in ever bigger venues. Despite all this, in 2019, the band decided to enter a hiatus that they have returned from in 2023. In the same year, they released the album “Ydalir”.


Studio albums:

Baldur, 2010
Börn Loka, 2012
Með vættum, 2014
Vögguvísur Yggdrasils, 2016
Sorgir, 2018
Ýdalir, 2023


Niðavellir, 2016


Drink / Kvaðning, 2016 (z Alestorm)
Höndin sem veggina klórar / Blade Reflections, 2017 (z Omnium Gatherum)

Live Albums:

Skálmöld & Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands, 2013
10 Year Anniversary – Live in Reykjavík, 2020