Zeal & Ardor

“What if the American slaves worshipped Satan instead of Jesus?” was the question that began the life of Zeal & Ardor. Led by a delightful yet eccentric songwriter, Manuel Gagneux, this project is an absolute novelty on the metal scene. Starting with black metal and spirituals, it ends on metalcore, electro or even soul. No wonder it’s still on the top.


Zeal & Ardor started the way not many bands did a decade ago – on the Internet and, moreover, accidentally. The forefather of this venture, Manuel Gagneux, was a member of the forum 4chan, where he was enthusiastically sharing his pop project, Birdmask. Once, as an experiment, he asked what two musical genres he could mix and create a song out of. The answer was black metal and spirituals.

In 2014 a demo that nobody really heard about saw the light of day, but the fully fledged debut of the band, “Devil Is Fine”, shook the metal scene and raised a number of controversies. Recorded and played by Gagneux himself, the material was met with a variety of opinions and was featured in a multitude of media – from Bandcamp all the way to Rolling Stone.

The next release was the 2018 “Stranger Fruit” and it perfected the themes from the previous album. The well-received recording granted Manuel the status of one of the most important songwriters of contemporary avant-garde metal, further solidified by the EP “Wake of a Nation” and the self-titled album released in 2022.


Studio albums:

Devil Is Fine, 2016
Stranger Fruit, 2018
Zeal & Ardor, 2022


Wake of a Nation, 2020
Church Burns, 2022


Children’s Summon, 2016
Devil Is Fine, 2016
Come on Down, 2017
Baphomet, 2018
Gravedigger’s Chant, 2018
Waste, 2018
Built on Ashes (Short Version), 2018
You Ain’t Coming Back, 2018
Vigil, 2020
I Can’t Breathe, 2020
Tuskegee, 2020
Trust No One, 2020
Wake of a Nation, 2020
Run 2021
Calloway, 2021
Run (GEIZ Version) [remixes], 2021
Erase, 2021
Bow, 2021
Götterdämmerung, 2021
Golden Liar, 2021
Church Burns, 2022
Firewake, 2022

Live Albums:

Live in Montreux, 2018
Live in London, 2019