The pioneers behind the power of the Dutch school of death metal, in whose sound grim, almost doomlike heaviness blends with riffs that rip the body into pieces and a whole artillery of rhythm. And then there’s the out-of-this-world voice of Martin van Drunen, with one of the best growls of the genre. From their 1991 debut album “The Rack” to the three decades older “Necroceros”, Asphyx has remained steadfast in excellence and ever faithful to the old-school bone-crushing ways. We know exactly what we can expect in Gdańsk and we simply cannot wait.


Hailing from Holland, this death metal group was first formed in 1987 through the initiative of Bob Bagchus and Tonny Brookhuis. Shortly after they were joined by Martin van Drunen, the vocalist of the legendary Pestilence. Asphyx’s first two records – “The Rack and Last One on Earth” – are to this day counted among the canon of the European doom-death metal. Mid-tempos and brutal ritardando that make the earth shake and the pigeons fall from the overhead wires is the band’s trademark style – one which many have been inspired to emulate on the extreme metal stage. After hiatuses and many personal upheavals, the band reformed in 2007 and has been regularly recording new material ever since.


Studio albums:

The Rack, 1991
Last One on Earth, 1992
Asphyx, 1994
God Cries, 1996
Embrace the Death, 1996
On the Wings of Inferno, 2000
Death… The Brutal Way, 2009
Deathhammer, 2012
Incoming Death, 2016
Necroceros, 2021


Crush the Cenotaph, 1992
Reign of the Brute, 2012
Servants of Death, 2016


Carnage Remains, 1988
Enter the Domain, 1989
Crush the Cenotaph, 1989
Promo’ 91, 1991
Promo’ 95, 1995


Mutilating Process, 1989
Death The Brutal Way, 2008
Deathibel, 2016
Last One on Earth, 2020
Botox Implosion, 2020
Knights Templar Stand, 2020
The Nameless Elite, 2021
Candiru, 2021


In the Eyes of Death, 1991 (z Unleashed, Tiamat, Loudblast i Grave)
New Release Highlights (Thrilling Albums Out On Century Media Records In June 2009), 2009 (z Tenet, Sworn Enemy i Suicide Silence)
Asphyx / Hooded Menace, 2011 (z Hooded Menace)
Imperial Anthems No. 7, 2011 (z Thanatos)
Close-Up Båten Stockholm-Åbo, 6-7 September 2012, 2012 (z Hypocrisy, Soulfly, Crashdiet i The 69 Eyes)
New Release Highlights (Thrilling Albums Out On Century Media Records In February 2012), 2012 (z Napalm Death i The Safety Fire)

Live albums:

Live Death Doom, 2010


Depths of Eternity, 2009
Abomination Echoes, 2010