This London metalcore tornado is a war cry against sexism, racism, and bigotry, with the charismatic frontwoman, Djamila Boden Azzouz, leading the charge. It’s catharsis through rage. And it is, first and foremost, great music. The band’s sophomore album “They Fear Us” was featured as one of the top albums of 2022 both by Kerrang! and Metal Hammer – and when those two agree on something, that’s a big deal.


The metalcore band was formed in 2012 in London. They debuted in 2019 with their album “The Language of Injury”, which garnered praise from the music critics of this genre and solidified their place on the scene. Their latest album, “They Fear Us”, was named as one of the top three metalcore albums of 2022 by both Kerrang! and Metal Hammer. Their lyrics touch upon important social issues, such as diversity. 


Studio albums:

The Language of Injury, 2019
They Fear Us, 2022


Narrow the Way, 2014
Trespassers, 2015


The Language of Injury, 2018
Slow Negative Order, 2018
Impulse Crush, 2019
Clsr., 2020
Hold Fast Hope, 2020
They Fear Us, 2022
In the Way, 2022
Camera Eats First, 2022
The Future Says Thank You, 2022