Orange Goblin

Only in England can you get riffs like that and a sound like that. Orange Goblin is the heaviness of the early Black Sabbath records, it’s the vile boogie of Motörhead, it’s the classic sound of heavy metal, it’s the atmosphere of Hammer horror films and it’s the London fog that harbours dread and peril. Orange Goblin has produced nine fantastic records, with the tenth coming soon! The follow-up to the outstanding “The Wolf Bites Back” is currently being made and we can expect it in the first half of 2024.


At the very beginning, in 1995, the band played doom/death metal under the name Our Haunted Kingdom. The current name came from the band members’ interest in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien (hence Goblin) and a desire to claim a colour, just as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple or Black Sabbath did before them. Emerging with an exhilarating mix of stoner rock and 90s doom metal, the Londoners quickly endeared themselves to metal fans. Thanks to extensive touring around the world, the band gradually became more and more popular. Their debut album, “Frequencies from Planet Ten”, was released in October 1997. From there, things only got better, with their most respected and critically acclaimed works being the albums “Time Travelling Blues” and “The Big Black”, as well as more recent records, such as the 2012 “A Eulogy for the Damned” and 2018 “The Wolf Bites Back”. Within their catalogue, you’ll find primitive stoner metal, rock’n’roll, as well as doom and southern rock. The band is considered to be the embodiment of the eternal spirit of heavy metal.


Studio albums:

Frequencies from Planet Ten, 1997
Time Travelling Blues, 1998
The Big Black, 2000
Coup de grace, 2002
Thieving from the House of God, 2004
Healing Through Fire, 2007
A Eulogy for the Damned, 2012
Back from the Abyss, 2014
The Wolf Bites Back, 2018


Nuclear Guru, 1997
The Time, 1998


Some You Win, Some You Lose, 2004
The Test, 2015


Chrono.naut / Nuclear Guru, 1997 (z Electric Wizard)
Orange Goblin / Alabama Thunderpussy, 2000 (z Alabama Thunderpussy)
Spring Flavor, 2000 (z Entombed, Spiritual Beggars i Hardcore Superstar)

Live albums:

A Eulogy for the Fans… Orange Goblin Live 2012, 2013
Rough & Ready, Live & Loud, 2020


Frequencies from Planet Ten / Time Travelling Blues, 2002