Until I Wake

Hits, bangers, and a bit of emotions – that’s what Until I Wake’s staffage is made out of. The music of those Americans is made to force you to mosh and headbang. What kind of metal is it? Looking up to the early 2000s. So there are the aggressive themes of metalcore, a heap of Linkin Parkesque reflective nu and just a dash of post-hardcore.


They’ve been together for only a few years, but they are busier than many other bands. Combined. Until I Wake was created in late 2019 by four friends, fascinated by the metal of the early 2000s, who decided to take matters into their own hands and translate this convention into modern times. In 2020, the band has already released three singles, pushed up by another song and the EP, “Until I Wake”, next year. The metal press in both the States and Europe took notice of their skilful juggling of metalcore, nu-metal and post-hardcore, and now the band is amongst the top players in the field. Their debut – and only, thus far – album, “Inside My Head”, released in 2022, was even a bigger success.


Studio albums:

Inside My Head, 2022


Until I Wake, 2021


Sinking Under, 2020
Self Medicated, 2020
Mixed Signals, 2020
All I Want for Christmas Is You, 2021
Cold, 2023